Being a role model – a motivation after you quit

Leave your reasons for leaving.

There are several health benefits of quitting smoking: Easy breathing, small-looking skin, more energy, less stressed the list goes on. What are you most looking forward to?

Do you want to get out of other reasons? Maybe you are leaving so that you can save money for the holidays. If you play a game, then maybe you are leaving to improve your endurance. Or perhaps you are tired of the problem of smoking.

Are you leaving someone with you or something else? For the health of a child, grandchildren or your pet? Are you leaving because you want to become a better role model for someone?

Write whatever is your reason and keep them in your previous pocket, at the refrigerator door or in the car. In this way, when you need inspiration during your departure trip, you can go back to your list.

Avoid the conditions that you want for a cigarette. Do you smoke while drinking coffee during or working in the morning? Maybe you are light with others at work? Keeping track of these habits can help you break them – plan alternate routes and activities that help you avoid these triggers.

You will want to create a ‘Skip kit’ to help manage your triggers. Fill it with things that give you something to do with your hands, such as healthy snacks like stress balls, nuts and carrots, and items to change cigarettes in your mouth. Whether it is a lollipop, a breathtaking mint, or a piece of chewing gum, find out what works best for you.

Talk to your doctor

You are likely to be 4x more with the help of a health care professional, than leaving any payments. They can help with counseling, the right place where smoking can recommend cure remedies, and many other helpful services that can leave you is easy to travel.

Ask your doctor about your reasons for quitting, and tell any of the smoking triggers you have identified. This will help you to plan a plan that works for you.

Whether your smoking term treatment is appropriate for your doctor, if you have tried one of these in the past, then tell your doctor, so that you can discuss whether the treatment or options will meet your needs. It is also important for your doctor to know if you have a history of mental illness such as depression or anxiety, or if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant.

If your medicine or NRT products such as Nicomeltz is in your hands, make sure you use it by reading consumer medical information, which is available from your doctor or experts.  

Let your friends and family support you

Your friends and family want you to quit smoking. Tell them that you are leaving and you can use their encouragement and support. Many smokers say that it is necessary to withdraw support for the people around them successfully.

If you are a smoker or a former smoker who wants to support a person who is trying to quit, then that person will know that you are for him. Be role model and rockstar in front of other smokers. Give your best and lead a healthy life.