Don’t look behind the path which you have smoked for long years and plan for the new year without a cigarette to bring positive changes in life. Once you decided to quit take advantages of resources available about the quit method, also you can receive support from the people who quit smoking.

Planning for quit:

Don’t let fear paralyze you. Every smoker will get fear when the day they have planned to quit smoking arrives. Push yourself come out from the stress and stub out the last cigarette when the exact time comes. There are more rewards are waiting for you in life unless quitting you will end up with big trouble always. Make a quit journal and prepare the first-page first entry for you. Take the list of reasons which you have to quit smoking and use it for inspirations in your life goals. This journal will shape your life and give your perspective on the progress which you are making with cessation.

Find a shoulder to lean on after you decided to quit smoking. Encouragement and comfort are the most important things needed to achieve success in quit plans. Get support from your friends, family members or through any online forums with the active group of people who lives happily without cigarettes to increase your hope and enthusiasm for quit plans. Control your mind towards addiction to build the resolve it takes to quit smoking successfully. The effect of nicotine on human body create dependency through some chemical reactions that involved with brain cells. Try to get out from that dependency during the quit program and concentrate your mind on other activities instead of thinking about cigarettes. Get the right mindset for success while deciding on your quit method. Don’t think about failures again and it leads to getting back to addiction which results in severe problems still.

Gather your supplies and get set for your quit plans. Collect all information’s regarding quit method and add your ability to taste the success of your efforts. Learn more about nicotine, smoking online which helps you to find out the cons of smoking easily. First, several weeks without a cigarette is like living in hell. It is crucial to distract yourself in mind ahead of time before the urge to smoke hits.

Prepare for your Quit Day

1. Get rid of all cigarettes and ashtray at your home, car, and work.

2. Stocks on an oral replacement – Sugar-free gum, carrot sticks, hard candies, cinnamon rods, coffee stirrups, straws, and toothpicks.

3. Decide on a plan. Will you use NRT or other medicines? Will you take part in the stop-smoking class? If so, then sign up now.

4. While practicing says, “No thanks, I do not smoke.”

It is important to remember that it is difficult to leave. Generally, smoking programs seem to have a little success rate, but they can still be meaningful. Only 4% to 7% of people can quit smoking without any medication or other support.

“The First wealth is health.” Setting up the atmosphere to quit smoking is the most important part of quitting plans. The smokers have some reasons behind that habit. To get motivated on quitting you need a powerful and personal motivation to quit. The family situation behind every man is an ideal part of living towards a positive life. Find your perfect reason for smoking before setting up a plan to quit smoking. As per proven statistics, 40% of current smokers attempt to quit each year and from that 4% to 6% are most successful thus each year about 2% of smokers quit for good.

Set your mindset on quit so that you might come to know that most of the cravings last only around three to five minutes. The habit tempts you, and if you block strongly, you can gradually decrease the habit of smoking until they are finally gone. Early days of smoking cessation is very difficult and controlling physical cravings is necessary, and you should accept for it. It usually experienced a tightness in the throat or belly accompanied by feelings of tension or anxiety. Psychological cravings will trigger you in everyday life. When you are facing any stress or anxiety relax by eating favorite tasty foods or go for a long drive with your loved ones instead of developing the habit of smoking.

Sitting for a long hour in the same place tends you to smoke so get up and go for a walk either alone or with persons with a positive aura. Take a break from regular life when you feel so upset. The mental vacation helps you to get out from addiction and divert yourself from the situation of having chocolates in hand instead of a packet of cigarettes. By stopping the nicotine addiction in your mind, you might feel some symptoms like a headache, tightness feels, or it might sap your energy. The mind will search for just one drag of cigarettes, but you can control through some emotions showing on your loved ones.

Motivation is enough for smokers to get out of it and do you know 95% of all smokers who quit do so in their way. Some brief advice should be taken while start following the quitting program which helps you to prepare the schedules for quitting therapy. Think and speak about your family and the people you’re close which encourages you to keep going, especially when you are so tempted to light up a cigarette. The main reason for smoking is that the nicotine helps you to relax and take your own time and find yourself to unwind from the stressful situations during the first few weeks after you stop smoking.

While setting up the first few beautiful days without a smoke, many people will try several times later. Even though your light up, don’t get discouraged control your emotions and think about the commitment in your life which results in a smoke-free life.

Most of the smokers will talk about the health benefits of quitting tobacco, but you should mention the reason clearly that why do you want to quit smoking? Despite the fact, everyone must know the danger of smoking and many people even faced with the threat of seriousness, illness, and disability. There was a significant impact on life after quitting smoking.

Why you should quit smoking:

The challenging goals which keeps you motivated while smoking is quitting. Quitting tobacco is not so easy, and it represents the dream of many people who carry for many years. Understanding the nicotine dependence is the first ultimate goal that you need to do before stopping cigarettes. Most of them spent decades and have developed hundreds of links between tobacco from the smallest to biggest. The average lifetime of smokers decreased by 50%, and they lose ten years of life, and there is a high chance of dying from smoking.

Quitting smoking is very hard, and it completely depends on physical and mental dependency. Smokers should stay healthy and motivated to get out from smoking. The recovery of nicotine addiction is a long process, and it’s a finite task. Every smoker is afraid to quit smoking. Nicotine addiction compels him to continue smoking where they feel some unknown happiness which leads to cancer after several years. Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death, and the most smoking-related cause of death for smokers are heart disease, COPD, stroke, and cancer.

How to start quitting:

Everything in the world has a beginning and an end. From the biggest to smallest there must be an exact reason should give personal meaning to you. Take your journal and start a quit journey which allows you to keep track of your health habits and reinforce your resolve to stop smoking. Get educated about smoking and justify your addiction to alleviate our mind. Most of the smokers think quitting should be a relatively quick task. The body will throw out many symptoms while stopping cigarettes. We should adopt those symptoms and should be mentally prepared. Sometimes you might get tensed, and again you urged to smoke. Don’t worry, relax yourself and stop habit completely by diverting your mind to alternative goals and plans. Beyond the physical aspects of nicotine, addiction smoking has strong psychological components.

Rather than taking a cigarette, take a deep yoga breathing and focus on sensation and rate of breath. This will slow down the heart rate which reduces blood pressure and alleviate even deep-seeded tension. Also, routing exercises elevate your mood keeps stronger and better about yourself. If you feel so stressed then phone your friend, speak a lot until you forget the stimulation of smoking. Get up early morning and go for a walk can stimulate the productions of endorphin and help you to enhance the mood. By placing your regular habit in the proper context, you will be better prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Triggers which make you smoke again and again. The triggers will vary depend on people mindset based on their stressful situation. Most of the triggers fall into four different categories. Emotional, Social, Pattern, Withdrawal. Knowing and understanding your triggers is the ultimate way to deal with smoking.

Emotional Triggers:

Most of the people will tend to smoke when they have intense emotions. To escape from the below-mentioned emotions, the people will start smoke with unrelated reasons.

1. Anxious

2. Stressed

3. Excited

4. Bored

5. Happy

6. Lonely


8. After a fight with closed ones.

When your brain thinks that someone has planned to take any of these important things to you or not, then your emotions have been triggered. When your emotions are triggered, don’t take cigarettes and learn to cope with your feelings by talking out about your emotions to your friends or family member. Deep breathing will slow down the stress and anxiety, and it helps to quiet your mind within a short period. Involving in physical exercise is a great way to handle personal emotions. The brain releases endorphins which make you feel good when you do physical activities. Music is the best therapy which slows down your heart rate and lowers the blood pressure which helps in controlling emotions.

Pattern Triggers:

The pattern triggers are an activity which connects you with smoking. Some of the examples like,

1. Drinking alcohol

2. Watching TV

3. Driving

4. Work Break

5. Before sleep

6. Finishing a meal

Break the association with trigger and divert your mind by transferring the feeling to another activity. Find an alternative replacement like chewing gum, sugar candy instead of using cigarettes. Keep your hand busy with handballs or stress-free playing accessories. It’s better to do needlework which helps a lot, and it can distract you from smoking. Go for a long ride, swimming, drink more coffee at a different time, brush your teeth after a meal helps you to switch up your routing regularly when you quit.

Social Triggers:

The people who intended to smoke on several occasions are called social triggers. Check out some examples below,

1. Going to the bar

2. Going to a big event

3. Going to the concert

4. Being with friends who smoke

Once you have decided to quit avoid some places where people smoke regularly. Don’t stay with friends who smoke daily and you will get trigger easily. Ask them to support instead of joining with bad company.

Withdrawal Triggers:

If you’ve been a long-time smoker, your body is used to getting a regular dose of nicotine. When you quit, withdrawal symptoms will produce cravings for nicotine. Withdrawal triggers include:

1. Craving the taste of a cigarette

2. Smelling cigarette smoke

3. Handling cigarettes, lighters, and matches

Distract yourself and find something to take your mind off the craving.

Quitting from smoking is the most challenging part of life. There are more issues with smokers who indulge in this habit continuously. Stress and anxiety will play the major role in smoker’s life where they are searching for happiness through the paper of addictive substances. Quitting tobacco is possible by dealing with your mind and heart by blocking certain emotions and encounters by hiding behind a wall of smoke. What happens to your health when you withdraw the nicotine in day to day life?

1. Fatigue
2. Insomnia
3. Lack of Concentration
4. Headache
5. Cough
6. Sore throat
7. Dry mouth
8. Tightness in the chest

Temporary changes in metabolism happen when you quit smoking. It may cause a small upward shift on a scale for about 5 to 8 pounds. In the initial stage of quitting the weight will increase gradually, and you can get it off within a few weeks by following the strict diet. What triggers you the most which put you in the situation to smoke?

1. Anger
2. Fatigue
3. Joy

Changes in body:

As soon as the person stops smoking their body begins to recover in some ways. After 1 hour, after the last cigarette is smoked the heart rate drops and it comes back to normal, even the blood pressure will begin to drop, and the circulation may start to improve. The toxins gas present inside the cigarette known as carbon monoxide which is more harmful to lungs where it prevents oxygen flow. After 12 hours without smoking the carbon monoxide returns to normal and it increases the flow of the body’s oxygen levels. After a day, the risk of heart attack will be gradually decreased, and the nerve endings will come back to normal, and you can experience a heightened sense of smell and more vivid tastes.

The person who smokes daily have a risk of stroke after several years. If you quit smoking after five years, the body has healed itself, and it widens the blood vessels which results in lower risk strokes. The chain smokers may cause cancer, and after ten years the chance of has been significantly reduced to the same level of a non-smoker.

Control your stress:

Control your stress with the help of regular exercise in morning & evening. Exercise provides you with a fantastic outlet for frustrations and stress. Also, it is one of the best distraction tools where you can get out from the smoking environment that do wonders for your mood. Optimists tend to stay healthier and get sick less often. They are less reactive to stress and see things differently. Challenges in life will improve your motivational factor, and we should look at those opportunities to transform lives with more problem-solving abilities. Cut out significant problems at the workplace and feel the stress & smoke-free lifestyle. Keep yourself busy and don’t let your mind to think about smoking and live your life on the verge of being overwhelming quickly. Go for jogging regularly and take a warm bath is a great way to relax and de-stress.