Many smoking cessation guidelines recommend that if a patient is not ready to quit, motivational interviewing should be used to encourage a future quit attempt. Nearly 2/3 of smokers were seriously considering quitting in the next six months, but few are ready within the next month. Accordingly, your decision to quit smoking is usually not one that happens overnight. Generally, you will progress through at least five stages in your quitting journey. Think about what stage you may be at in your journey to quit smoking for good.

How You’ll Convey Quitting?

Not Thinking About it- I haven’t thought about quitting

At this stage, you are not thinking about leaving and will go to great lengths to make sure you can continue to smoke. Which means you believe that there is no point in trying to quit because you are too addicted or that you have been disappointed by previous failed attempts. You may also not yet realize that your smoking is harming your health.

Thinking About it-I’d Like to Quit Smoking, but I don’t Know if I can

During this stage, you may be starting to weigh up the positives and negatives of quitting. You will also begin to take more notice of the health warnings associated with smoking and will now be able to identify the barriers that may be preventing you from quitting.

I’m Ready & I’m ready to quit smoking but how will I manage?

Well done! You have now made the bold decision to commit to quitting smoking. At this stage, you should start collecting information on how to quit. You may also be ready to set your quit date and develop your quitting plan.

It’s Working- I haven’t smoked for two or three weeks, it’s hard, but I feel much better

In this stage, you are actively trying to quit, and you will be feeling confident in your decision. As you feel a sense of achievement with every cigarette-free day, remember to keep up with your short-term rewards and tell all your friends you’ve quit to stay motivated and minimize any risk of slip-ups.

Whatever the stags may be, be prepared on your quit smoking journey. The more prepared you are for your quit journey, the better equipped you’ll be for any challenges that come your way. 

Plan Your Quit Smoking Journey

A quit smoking plan can set you on the best path for reaching your quit goals. Here are some effective quit smoking strategies you could include in your plan:

1. Changing habits and routines

2. Getting extra support from a health professional, family or friend

3. Using quit smoking products

If all set, your next plan should most probably be to create a quit and smoke-free environment. Be a part and do your best.

Family life will connect you emotionally which make you addicted to love, support and happy life. Instead of getting addicted to the packet of cigarettes reward your parents a healthy life by break the urge of smoking and develop your strong moral character which helps you to live a positive life. Quitting smoking is very tough only when you are depressed. Challenge your life and get out from smoking and prepare yourself for the better journey ahead. What’s your thinking when you have a cigarette in hand? Your mind gets filled with addiction, depression, and anxiety at the time of smoking. Once it was done, you might feel happy. But that’s not real happiness which you are expected. Visualize your life with the family when situation tempts to smoke.

If a bunch of paper rolled with some substances intended you to stay happy forever means then how about your family rolled with real smiles and happiness. Find the reason of smoking and create a mentality that you will get out from it and divert your mind to several positive activities. However, there are so many good reasons to quit smoking, and these are the six reasons that you find difficult to leave:

1. Stimulation: “It gives me more energy.”

2. Handling: “I like touching and handling cigarettes.”

3. Comfort: “It gives me happiness.”

4. Habit: “I do it out of habit.”

5. Nicotine addiction: “I want cigarettes. I’m addicted.”

Visualize your life without nicotine:

When you use nicotine on a daily basis your brain and body become dependent, and it triggers the release of dopamine, the feel-good hormone. Once you stop smoking the release of dopamine gradually decreased and it is normal to react with low moods and depressed feelings. When you have those feeling stay motivated and prepare for quit plans and try to write an open letter to parents regarding your activities are done to stop smoking. It motivates you during the depression, and it enriches your mood against lack of nicotine also means losing the companion. The way of smoking habit affects your children’s and family life which ends you in depressed life forever.

Get enough rest and proper sleep at night to get out from daily addiction. Drink enough water is the best way to get out from addiction also you will feel better in general in a day to day life. Planning a family trip is a great carving-buster which reduces stress, and it improves the circulation of positive flow. Do you know? Regular walking also releases endorphins, the feel-good hormone which helps you to refresh and relax. If the weather is good, go for a long walk with your loved ones. Take a few minutes daily and spend time with your friends, colleagues through phone conversation in the evening when you feel the urge to smoke. There may have a chance to pull out of a slump and to renew yourself.

Many of them lost a life to COPD and shared those tragic stories to your friends who smoke daily. I have come across some good lines from Donna, a member of popular site

Don’t torture your loved ones with death like I’ve described in this message. Break free of nicotine addiction, and change your destiny, too. You’ll never regret it once you get to the “other side.” I promise.

– Donna

We know that smoking is very harmful to health and getting out of smoking habit is indeed a challenging one. Believing in yourself is the first step to success. The mind and body should be in control once you start to quit smoking. The psychological symptoms will give a new feel and create an undesirable situation. Setting a mindset to get out of smoking is the magical thing and replace your losing attitude to winning attitude which gradually changes your mindset towards a positive way.

Setting up your mind:

How will you react if your loved ones fall into continuous smoking? Help them to make up their mind to settle and get out from nicotine addiction one at a time by feeding some of the quit programs by insisting about daily doses during an early stage of quitting. Smoking is associated with a pleasant and comfortable feeling for many smokers. Insist your loved ones regarding smoke-related diseases where it moves your family, friend’s life too far away at an alarming rate. According to the world health organization, 6 million adults around the world die from tobacco-related causes every year as per the survey. The scary statistics of smoking helps them to recognize hazardous of smoking. Foster a mindset to give up smoking is the most powerful habit that can help us to change and how we think about smoking. Start reading about nicotine addiction and the recovery process which trip up against negativity surrounds you. Educating is the most powerful tool which puts you in the driver seat while following the quit program.

Make a note of your smoking time which helps you to recognize yourself. Men and women health will be affected differently when they urge to smoke. Have a focus in the early morning and get your nicotine fix before the workday. Then in office work hours, you are urged to smoke and make use of opportunities by diverting your mind with the help of some pleasant music or talk with your loved ones about the future goals. Always think about your family when you plan to take a puff with cigarettes. Take some hours without smoking, and you start to feel on edge in the first hour. By the end of the second hour, you might think that nobody should talk to you. You might go beyond the level of irritation which urges you to smoke, and it will be forefront in your mind. Control yourself without a cigarette until lunch time. That’s a great victory for you on this plan of quitting the program.

Find the opportunities to stay happy and ignore things which affect your social life. If you are a chain smoker, then you can’t be able to stop suddenly instead you can stop off for a pack and convert those into single numbers. Spend more time with friends who don’t like smoking which help you to quit easily. Think about the people who died because of cancer and sometimes the whole world is on some crazy health kick.