The milestone of every smoker who involves in the quit program takes a considerable amount of time to eliminate smoking completely out of their life. The emotions behind the victory of quitter are unmatchable. The improvement in health and you will reach a state of mind where cigarettes no longer hold any importance. Yes, this is achievable. Get yourself free first and involve in any quit plan strategies to heal the life practicing from smoke-free living. The excess of coronary heart disease drops to half that of current smokers. Heart disease is the primary cause of death which leads to regular smoking.

During the earlier stages of quitting you may notice a significant improvement in your respiratory health like less coughing, shortness of breath and fewer issues with sinus pain and congestion. Likewise, you can find breathing improvement, and shortness of breath is a sign of COPD, a progressive lung disease that makes it hard to breathe. The toxins present in the cigarette also irritates the sinuses also it causes congestion. Quitting tobacco also improve your physical appearance by reducing premature wrinkling of the skin. Also, it helps you to enhance social interactions by eliminating bad breath associated with smoking. By quitting it reduce the risk of gum disease, and it increases your confidence level which brings positive change in your life.

Recovery from addiction:

Recovering from nicotine addiction will create a significant impact on personal life. Get out from smoking is a process and it will not happen overnight compared to the amount of time spent with cigarettes. When you are happy or depressed, you will light up the cigarettes. Have patience with yourself and quitting slowly will give signals to the problems present in your body. When you are in the situation to smoke just think about these factors. Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired. Focus on your goals which increase self-esteem, confidence, and control. Spend more time with your loved ones, family, friends which increases caring and affection results in, and you will not think about cigarettes again. Be a good parent. Children’s will learn from parents and if you are chain smoker then think about the child future which connects you emotionally results in understanding the core problem of smoking and the cause of stress.

The confidence level will increase gradually after following the quit plans. Promise yourself and think it’s not ever going to happen if you don’t get started. Take several deep breathe if you come across the smoking cessation. Nicotine withdrawal and cravings are the two dangerous fear things for the smokers. With the absence of nicotine will inevitably come a cascade of withdrawal symptoms, including severe headaches, tension, fatigue, insomnia and more. But within a month these symptoms will be cleared from your system, and you started paying attention to other thoughts like family, running, gym, exercise, food and more. When you communicate the right motivation and feelings, you can come out of smoking completely and also it makes you believe that you can fulfill their needs. An emotional relationship with a company or person leads to stabilize the mood leads to a smoke-free lifestyle.

Smoking causes more preventable diseases and deaths than any other drug. Each cigarette contains more than 4000 chemicals, out of which 60 are known carcinogens, i.e., they cause cancer; It is no surprise that smoking damages almost every organ in the body. The known cause of illness and death, smoking is an expensive and deadly addiction. Start saving your money and body by kicking the habit for Goodie. The health risks involved in smoking at a faster rate and also the financial risk behind every cigarette is an untold story.

Monetary calculation:

Do you aware of the cost of your cigarette every month? One pack year equals 20 manufactured cigarettes smoked per day for one year. For example, if one person smoked ten cigarettes a day for ten years. ½ pack (10 cigarettes) per day * 10 years = 5 pack years. The lung cancer risk has been calculating from the number of packs where they smoked. Cigarettes are so expensive and while quitting you can save money now as well in the future. One packet of 20 cigarettes costs apprx around Rs.250 and the price will vary, keep on increasing. Just think about your family expenses which you spent every month. If you stop smoke for the next ten years, you can save approximately Rs.9 lakhs and easily enough to buy a new car or new house, or you can drop money in the bank for future savings. The health benefits of not smoking a day include improvement in heart rate, getting out from depression, blood pressure will become stable and more.

Alternative Expenses:

Continuous smoking leads to a severe health problem which ends in medical expenses. By quitting you can convert those expenses to profit to lead a happy life. You can save up to Rs.250 in your pocket daily after one day of not smoking. Also, spend the money usefully in buying a gorgeous collection of dresses or fill your tummy with a meal at the favorite restaurant. Follow the same for one month and feel the difference in the health as well as in savings. Your lungs will function properly after one month and also the immune system will start to recover. Also, you can cover that money on petrol costs for the next two to three months.

Apart from the above benefits, smoking cause fertility problems such as impotence in men and a lower the chance of conceiving in women. Women who smoke continuously leads to miscarriage. While quitting over the time your sense of smell will improve drastically. Within 2-5 years the risk of lung cancer has been reduced, and you’ve saved between Rs.1.8 Lakhs to Rs.4.5 Lakhs. To be noted the rate mentioned above and extent of recovery can vary from person to person. Quitting tobacco is very hard for most of the people. With the financial stress, the effect of quitting gives your patience, trust, and commitment towards a happy and healthy life. Spend money on products like a nicotine patch, gels, gums, strips which help you to quit smoking. Distract yourself in mind ahead of time for better results.

Smoking is hard on the heart, but the real fact is smoking crave plays a role in multitude of disease that lad to disability/ death. Yes, smoking can lead to a variety of ongoing complications in the body, as well as long-term effects on your body systems. We always think that; Lung cancer or COPD/emphysema is the main smoking-related disease which cause death among smokers. You all were wrong; heart disease stands on the top of the shelves that kill smoker’s life. To prove this, here is a small survey from our side.

On a global level researches reported that merely 1, 690, 000 premature deaths occurring due to cardiovascular disease among smokers. In contrary, approximately 850, 000 lung cancer deaths and 118, 000 COPD deaths are occurring worldwide.

Due to its chemical compound and the carcinogens present in the cigarette health risks and effects are widespread and destructive. Let’s dive deeply and have a glimpse on how the cigarette smoke create impacts on your health.

Mood Simulation

Smoking can temporarily put you in good mood but dependence is common and withdrawal side effects like anxiety and irritability can be challenging to perform.

Makes you Blind

Smoking doesn’t do your peepers any good. Yes, cigarette craving can make your eyes sting, vision loss, blindness, cataracts and more. In addition to this, smoking increases your risk of age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in adults over the age of 65.

Cardiovascular Disease

Next, smoking craving lead to greater risk for heart and blood vessels which causes stroke and coronary disease and have an early sign of cardiovascular disease. Even people who smoke fewer than five cigarettes a day might damages blood vessels and make them thicken and grow narrower.

Hip Fracture

Generally, smokers lose bone density at a faster rate than non-smokers which put you at risk for breaking body parts like your hip. Putting down the cigarettes can help you to slow down this process and keep you breaking a sweat not your bones on the dance floor.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

One of the chronic inflammatory disease is rheumatoid arthritis which commonly occur for women and thus affects the joints in your hand and feet. Hence, it causes painful swelling and eventually results in bone loss and joint deformity.

Respiratory Disease

Smoking can cause lung disease and thus damage your airways and the small air sacs (alveoli) found in your lungs. On this account, smokers can ae affected by the Lung cancer, Chronic bronchitis, Emphysema, Cough & Sputum, Shortness of breath, Cold & Flu, Pneumonia, Asthma and tuberculosis.

Fertility Issues

Male smokers have a higher risk of sexual impotence the more they smoke and the longer they smoke. As a result, it also affects sperm and reduces fertility and increases the risk for miscarriage and birth defects. This case of instance not only affects men’s sex life, it also damages a women’s reproductive health. Yes, women who smoke are more likely to have troubles in getting pregnant.

Wrapping Up

Cigarettes snuff out life at an alarming rate. So, it’s the correct day to quit smoking and don’t waste any more of your life on cigarettes. Take back your life and deserve the freedom and long-lasting benefits that smoking cessation brings.

The use of tobacco has reached epidemic proportions across the world, and, despite efforts to overcome smoking tendencies, the problem is getting bigger every year. While smokers are fully aware that cigarettes do not give anything except harm to their health, they will ignore every warning until a sudden click and tell them that it is time to stop. So, instead of looking at the benefits of quitting, here are some facts that can put the level of problem in perspective.

Youth Smoking Statistics:

In 1997, the smoking reached its peak with 36.4 percent reporting among American youth who made cigarettes a try. According to a report of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this figure has been more than 10 percent since then. Around 6.5 trillion cigarettes are sold around the world each year which translates roughly about 18 billion cigarettes per day. Over 7000 chemicals are identified in cigarettes which is potentially harmful leads to cancer.

It is believed that the increasing popularity of flavored tobacco is considered to be the next public health hazard in adolescence. As of 2014, 73 percent of high school smokers and 56 percent of secondary school children reported the use of tasting tobacco. Meanwhile, 4.3 percent of secondary school students and 11.3 percent of high school students said using e-cigarettes. In addition, 2.2 percent of secondary school students and 5.8 percent of high school students reported using chewing tobacco, a practice which is strongly related to oral cancer.

Current health statistics

While smokers are often believed that lung cancer and other smoking diseases are “roll of dice” beyond their control, consider these facts:

  • Tobacco kills half of all smokers today
  • At the global level, tobacco causes six million deaths per year. It’s a death every five seconds.
  • In the total number of deaths, 600,000 smokers came in contact with other smoke.

Every five cigarette you smoke reduces your life by five to 11 minutes throughout life, which can reduce your life expectancy for 12 years.

The Tobacco Industry Today

Every year around 6.5 trillion cigarettes are sold worldwide, which translates to approximately 18 billion cigarettes per day. It is a lucrative industry and regarding supply and demand, makes the fortune of the world the poorest of the world to a great extent. About 80 percent of the estimated one billion smokers in the world live in low- and middle-income countries. One of the estimated 33 million tobacco farm workers in the industry lives in more impoverished communities and areas. 

In some of these countries, children have to be forced to work in fields to help pay family bills. This puts them and other agricultural workers at risk of green tobacco disease, due to the absorption of nicotine through to the skin by the operation of wet leaves, a disease.

While the United States has significantly reduced its share of tobacco farming over 180,000 farms in the 1980s to just over 10,000 today, it is still the fourth largest producer in the world. This is the fact that smoking-related diseases cost the U.S. more than $ 300 billion per year.


A little preparation should need to come out from smoking cessation. Gear your mind against smoking and feel the momentum for the happy smoke-free life. Education is a vital part of a successful quit program. Check out these 50 reasons and challenge yourself to lead a happy and healthy life ahead.

1. Sleep better: Smokers will not have a proper night sleep, and they will feel unrested.
2. Lung cancer: Continuous smoking leads to lung cancer, and cigarette causes carbon monoxide to seep into your blood limits the amount of oxygen flow it can carry to heart, lungs, and muscles.
3. Heart disease/Heart Attack: One of the five cardiovascular diseases is directly related to smoking. For smokers, the risk of heart diseases and heart attack increases two to four times.
4. Diabetes Smoking causes type 2 diabetes: Compared to non-smokers, the chance of developing type 2 diabetes is 30 to 40 percent higher. For people with diabetes, smoking also makes it difficult to control the disease.
5. Liver cancer: Smoking increases the risk of developing liver cancer. Although not directly related, smoking with other disorders like Hepatitis C or B, people with those conditions are at risk of dramatic risk.
6. Direct Fault: Smoking creates a plaque in the arteries and hinders blood flow. It makes the blood more complex from one place to another.
7. Ectopic pregnancy: A new study revealed that women who smoke would have a higher risk of developing an ectopic pregnancy. Thus, your fallopian tube gets rupture and therefore affect a woman’s ability to conceive in future.
8. Vision loss: Studies have shown that smoking increases the risk of cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes retinopathy, and dry eye syndrome.
9. Tuberculosis: If you have been treated for tuberculosis in the past, smoking again doubles the chance of getting tuberculosis, studies have shown. This condition is called recurrent TB.
10. Rheumatoid Arthritis: Smoking increases the chances of developing Rheumatoid arthritis. Once RA develops, it almost affects any joints in your body including feet, ankles, elbows, wrists, knees, hands and wrists.
11. Strong Bones: The nonsmokers have stronger bones than smokers and women smokers have been found to lose 2.3% to 3.3% of bone mineral density for several years of tobacco use.
12. Secondhand Smoking: Secondhand smoke causes numerous health problems in infants and children, including more frequent and severe asthma attacks, respiratory infections, ear infections and increases the risk of heart attack.

13. Reduce the risk of SIDS: The second-hand smoke exposure is linked to a higher risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
14. Loss of life years: Smoking decreases the life span. Every cigarette you smoke cuts 11 minutes off from your expected life span.
15. Pills & Stroke: Smoking carry a risk of clots; heart attacks and strokes and the pill is not recommended for smokers. You should cut anyone either pill or smoke.
16. Dentist Problems: Smoking puts you at higher risk for all kind of dental problems including oral cancer and gum disease.
17. Cervical Cancer: Smoking damages the immune system; reduces the body’s ability to fight HPV and develop cervical cancer.
18. Immune System: Smoking is considered to help antioxidants and cells in the body to fight off invaders.
19. Cleft Palates: Women who smoke while pregnant are 50 percent to 70 percent more likely than non-smokers to give birth to a baby with a cleft lip or palate.
20. Cancer Treatment: Smoking causes cancer & the treatment for the same is costly. So, avoid smoking at your earliest.
21. Increased Illness: Smoking increases your chances of choosing common illnesses. If you are a smoker, then the symptoms of these diseases are more dangerous.
22. Youthful Appearance: Smoking makes your skin wrinkle and more haggard. It also discolors your fingernails and teeth.
23. Family: Smoking not only affects you but also impact the people who you care about. So, take a positive step both for yourself and them by quit smoking.
24. Osteoporosis: Smoking is a risk factor for osteoporosis and smokers are at higher risk than non-smokers. While this disease can have mild symptoms at the beginning, it quickly leads to an increased risk of fractures that can be debilitating.
25. Acid Reflux: 70% of the people likely to have acid reflux if they smoked for around 20 years.
26. Stronger Bones: Quitting smoking helps in strengthening the bones and joints also it enhances your immunity system.
27. Hearing Loss: Smoking causes hearing losses & one even loose several senses of organs gradually. Smokers, 70 percent more likely to suffer from hearing loss.
28. Vacations: Plan for a holiday to get out from smoke-free life. Now 100% smoke-free restaurants and bars are available.
29. Psoriasis: Smoking can increase the risk of developing psoriasis. For those who have psoriasis, smoking can often make the symptoms worse.
30. Warmer Hands and Feet: Poor circulation of blood is another symptom if you smoke regularly and it causes cold hands and feet. If you quit smoking, your body will feel warmer as flow returns to normal.
31. Less Caffeine: When you smoke, your body requires almost twice as much caffeine as when you don’t smoke.
32. Chance of pregnancy: The chemicals present inside the cigarette interfere with the ability of cells in the ovary to make estrogen, and it also increases the risk of spontaneous miscarriage.
33. Crohn’s Disease: Crohn’s Disease is also known as inflammatory bowel disease. This disease can be caused by smoking & it also affects the digestive tract line.
34. HIV to AIDS: HIV positive people should not touch cigarette which faster the progression time to AIDS.
35. Weight Loss: Smoking decreases appetite. Pregnant smokers are more likely to have underweight babies.
36. Calms Down your Mood on Food: Smoking diminishes the pleasure of eating, and you will not find any taste on food.
37. Hair: Smoking can cause premature baldness and lower the age at which hair begins to turn grey.
38. Life Insurance: Your Life insurance rates will be gone down about 20-30% lower for non-smokers.
39. Faster Healing Wounds: Smoking causes lesions due to slowing the wounds, as it reduces blood flow in the skin.
40. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Babies are also affected in cancer-causing chemicals in second-hand cigarette smoke, which harms their lungs, heart, and brain.
41. Menopause: Smoking leads to menopause in women & she will not be able to get her periods regularly.
42. Increased Sperm: One has to quit smoking to increase sperms & fertility.
43. Relationships: Smoking disturbs happy homes & it divides family as a whole.
44. Dementia: People tend to fall under depression, anti-social & in constant thinking that will interrupt your daily activities & works.
45. Enjoy chocolate: Quit smoking, and in a study, women who smoked were less sensitive to sweet flavors.
46. Alzheimer’s Disease: People will tend to forget things extremely slowly. This disease is incurable & Alzheimer’s will be very dangerous.
47. Lupus: This is an inflammatory disease caused by the immune system. This happens when our immune system attacks our tissues. Studies have shown that smoking increases the risk of developing lupus, which is also called lupus erythematosus.
48. More kissable: Kiss your loved ones after smoking and enjoy the live reaction of chimpanzees.
49. Cleaning of saliva flow: Exposure to smoking leads to slow down the saliva flow and function which is essential for cleaning the lining of teeth and protect it from decay.
50. Get your partner to quit: It’s harder to quit smoking when you live with a partner who smokes.