Deciding on your quit method

Don’t look behind the path which you have smoked for long years and plan for the new year without a cigarette to bring positive changes in life. Once you decided to quit take advantages of resources available about the quit method, also you can receive support from the people who quit smoking.

Planning for quit:

Don’t let fear paralyze you. Every smoker will get fear when the day they have planned to quit smoking arrives. Push yourself come out from the stress and stub out the last cigarette when the exact time comes. There are more rewards are waiting for you in life unless quitting you will end up with big trouble always. Make a quit journal and prepare the first-page first entry for you. Take the list of reasons which you have to quit smoking and use it for inspirations in your life goals. This journal will shape your life and give your perspective on the progress which you are making with cessation.

Find a shoulder to lean on after you decided to quit smoking. Encouragement and comfort are the most important things needed to achieve success in quit plans. Get support from your friends, family members or through any online forums with the active group of people who lives happily without cigarettes to increase your hope and enthusiasm for quit plans. Control your mind towards addiction to build the resolve it takes to quit smoking successfully. The effect of nicotine on human body create dependency through some chemical reactions that involved with brain cells. Try to get out from that dependency during the quit program and concentrate your mind on other activities instead of thinking about cigarettes. Get the right mindset for success while deciding on your quit method. Don’t think about failures again and it leads to getting back to addiction which results in severe problems still.

Gather your supplies and get set for your quit plans. Collect all information’s regarding quit method and add your ability to taste the success of your efforts. Learn more about nicotine, smoking online which helps you to find out the cons of smoking easily. First, several weeks without a cigarette is like living in hell. It is crucial to distract yourself in mind ahead of time before the urge to smoke hits.

Prepare for your Quit Day

1. Get rid of all cigarettes and ashtray at your home, car, and work.

2. Stocks on an oral replacement – Sugar-free gum, carrot sticks, hard candies, cinnamon rods, coffee stirrups, straws, and toothpicks.

3. Decide on a plan. Will you use NRT or other medicines? Will you take part in the stop-smoking class? If so, then sign up now.

4. While practicing says, “No thanks, I do not smoke.”

It is important to remember that it is difficult to leave. Generally, smoking programs seem to have a little success rate, but they can still be meaningful. Only 4% to 7% of people can quit smoking without any medication or other support.


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