Are you concerned about a family member, friend or colleague who smokes? Give positive thoughts and be patient and give them time to stop smoking cigarettes.

Conveying your readiness to take the journey with them (being of support)

Many smoking cessation guidelines recommend that if a patient is not ready to quit, motivational interviewing should be used to encourage a future quit attempt. Nearly 2/3 of smokers were seriously considering quitting in the next six months, but few are ready within the next month. Accordingly, your decision to quit smoking is usually not […]

Making your loved one visualize their life without smoking – emotional, personal and health benefits

Family life will connect you emotionally which make you addicted to love, support and happy life. Instead of getting addicted to the packet of cigarettes reward your parents a healthy life by break the urge of smoking and develop your strong moral character which helps you to live a positive life. Quitting smoking is very […]

Get to know your smoker – Begin conversing

We know that smoking is very harmful to health and getting out of smoking habit is indeed a challenging one. Believing in yourself is the first step to success. The mind and body should be in control once you start to quit smoking. The psychological symptoms will give a new feel and create an undesirable […]