Cigarette cravings can derail your quitting fast so learn the trick to get ahead of your cravings by understanding your smoking triggers and patterns. It’s important to have a plan that urge to smoke.

What are the various methods to control cigarette craving?

Don’t just get cigarettes out of your mouth- get them out of your head. So, how is it possible? First few smoke-free hours might seem like a breeze, but a few days later those cigarette cravings can become terribly tempting. Accordingly, your first urge of smoking can crop up anywhere and sometimes feel impossible to […]

Why do you crave cigarettes?

Wherever you look on TV, in magazines, across social media, even on cigarette packs themselves there are warnings about the health hazards of smoking.  And with so few public places where you are actually allowed to sit and have a cigarette, you have to wonder why do people still smoke? Teenage Fashion Most people start […]

Managing weight gain when quitting

As per the recent statistics, most of the people who quit smoking gain some weight between 5 to 10 pounds. This is all because the people who have special interest in food when they quit smoking and this reason comes from two different sources, physical and psychological. Once you identified these areas will help you […]