Weluvquitters withdrawal is different for every smoker but knowing common symptoms can help you to prepare for quitting. Look at the various withdrawal symptoms here and help your loved ones.

How To Curb Stress While Quitting-Managing Ideas?

Well, one of the absolute worst things about quit smoking is all the anger, anxiety, stress and tension that comes when we’re first trying to get rid of the physical and mental addiction. In that situation, we find ourselves tearing our hair out, being short temper and even taking it out on friends and loved […]

What are various withdrawal symptoms and how to identify them

Well, after quitting smoking, one of the biggest fears that people experience is going through-Nicotine Withdrawal. In that line, people may have list of questions to shoot out like, Will your weight get increased? Can you handle all stressful situation? Are you able to sleep well or getting angry with everyone you meet? How long […]

Identifying depression due to quitting and managing them

Smokers are more likely to have depression than non-smokers. Nobody knows for sure why this is. People who have depression might smoke to feel better. Or smokers might get depression more easily because they smoke. Are your emotions all over the place since quitting smoking? You’re not alone: feeling like you’re on an emotional roller coaster […]