Monetary benefits of quitting smoking

Smoking causes more preventable diseases and deaths than any other drug. Each cigarette contains more than 4000 chemicals, out of which 60 are known carcinogens, i.e., they cause cancer; It is no surprise that smoking damages almost every organ in the body. The known cause of illness and death, smoking is an expensive and deadly addiction. Start saving your money and body by kicking the habit for Goodie. The health risks involved in smoking at a faster rate and also the financial risk behind every cigarette is an untold story.

Monetary calculation:

Do you aware of the cost of your cigarette every month? One pack year equals 20 manufactured cigarettes smoked per day for one year. For example, if one person smoked ten cigarettes a day for ten years. ½ pack (10 cigarettes) per day * 10 years = 5 pack years. The lung cancer risk has been calculating from the number of packs where they smoked. Cigarettes are so expensive and while quitting you can save money now as well in the future. One packet of 20 cigarettes costs apprx around Rs.250 and the price will vary, keep on increasing. Just think about your family expenses which you spent every month. If you stop smoke for the next ten years, you can save approximately Rs.9 lakhs and easily enough to buy a new car or new house, or you can drop money in the bank for future savings. The health benefits of not smoking a day include improvement in heart rate, getting out from depression, blood pressure will become stable and more.

Alternative Expenses:

Continuous smoking leads to a severe health problem which ends in medical expenses. By quitting you can convert those expenses to profit to lead a happy life. You can save up to Rs.250 in your pocket daily after one day of not smoking. Also, spend the money usefully in buying a gorgeous collection of dresses or fill your tummy with a meal at the favorite restaurant. Follow the same for one month and feel the difference in the health as well as in savings. Your lungs will function properly after one month and also the immune system will start to recover. Also, you can cover that money on petrol costs for the next two to three months.

Apart from the above benefits, smoking cause fertility problems such as impotence in men and a lower the chance of conceiving in women. Women who smoke continuously leads to miscarriage. While quitting over the time your sense of smell will improve drastically. Within 2-5 years the risk of lung cancer has been reduced, and you’ve saved between Rs.1.8 Lakhs to Rs.4.5 Lakhs. To be noted the rate mentioned above and extent of recovery can vary from person to person. Quitting tobacco is very hard for most of the people. With the financial stress, the effect of quitting gives your patience, trust, and commitment towards a happy and healthy life. Spend money on products like a nicotine patch, gels, gums, strips which help you to quit smoking. Distract yourself in mind ahead of time for better results.