You can really make a difference in your loved one’s lives. Share your knowledge and tips for quitting. For friends who have already quit, as well as for yourself, don't forget to reinforce the one principle - NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF!

Deciding on your quit method

Don’t look behind the path which you have smoked for long years and plan for the new year without a cigarette to bring positive changes in life. Once you decided to quit take advantages of resources available about the quit method, also you can receive support from the people who quit smoking. Planning for quit: […]

Setting up the atmosphere to quit smoking

“The First wealth is health.” Setting up the atmosphere to quit smoking is the most important part of quitting plans. The smokers have some reasons behind that habit. To get motivated on quitting you need a powerful and personal motivation to quit. The family situation behind every man is an ideal part of living towards […]

Understand why quitting is hard (Physical and mental dependency)

Most of the smokers will talk about the health benefits of quitting tobacco, but you should mention the reason clearly that why do you want to quit smoking? Despite the fact, everyone must know the danger of smoking and many people even faced with the threat of seriousness, illness, and disability. There was a significant […]

Know your Triggers

Triggers which make you smoke again and again. The triggers will vary depend on people mindset based on their stressful situation. Most of the triggers fall into four different categories. Emotional, Social, Pattern, Withdrawal. Knowing and understanding your triggers is the ultimate way to deal with smoking. Emotional Triggers: Most of the people will tend […]

Get educated about quitting (changes in body, stress, relapses – overview)

Quitting from smoking is the most challenging part of life. There are more issues with smokers who indulge in this habit continuously. Stress and anxiety will play the major role in smoker’s life where they are searching for happiness through the paper of addictive substances. Quitting tobacco is possible by dealing with your mind and heart by blocking […]

Tips to get ready

If you have made up your mind to quit smoking, Congrats! Its going to be a rollercoaster ride. Your going to feel good about it some days, and terrible other days.  But trust us, Its very temporary. You will return to your best self, free from smoke very soon. There are a few things that […]